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Brands understand nowadays they require active social channels to keep up with the commercial reach and value social media creates. Therefore, we do it for you. We post, like, follow and unfollow to keep your social media channels active, clean and targeted. We make sure your channels grow organically, under the rules and regulations of the major platforms like: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter.


To interconnect and respond to followers is essential to build engagement and your incrowd.


The ball is round, so schedule your posts 24/7, in order to keep your followers interested


Let your followers follow you from a distance with what you experience on a daily basis.


What we do?

In our rapid changing disruptive World, Socialmediapool is your full-service partner to accomplish your social media needs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a startup, brand, person, artist, band, DJ, micro-influencer or professional influencers channel. To keep track of social media is a lot of work on a daily basis, and many lacks the time or interest to do so.

Brands understand nowadays they require social channels to keep up with the commercial value social media creates. Therefore, we do it for you. We post, like, follow and unfollow to keep your social media channel clean and targeted, making sure it will grow organically under the rules and regulations of the major platforms like: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter.


  Digital branding and influencers marketing

We cooperate with a mix of in-house and local specialists per country. We cover influencers training, project managers, campaign creators, designers, developers, video content creators, growth hackers, digital marketing analysts and social media content experts to support your brand(s).


  How we do it?

We love brand building, brand support, online presence and growth. We know how to position your brand and how to attach your brand with the appropriate distribution channels. Channels like the 100% targeted (micro)influencers, advertising agencies and co-branding projects through alternative and limited exposure channels.In the far past segmentations were made based on direct marketing techniques and database management. Nowadays, A/B testing is more important than ever. Headings and body copy needs to be tested during campaigns to determine what campaign runs best.

We develop and execute your influencer marketing campaign from intake, mission, vision and strategy right towards a 24/7 measurable campaign execution.



Our international influencers network

Influencers differ per culture and region. It is important to know these local or cultural differences, to make sure the message of the brand is getting across properly.

Work with the largest network of top influencers in the World. Our network comprises over 3 million segmented influencers worldwide, with a combined reach of billions of consumers. Collaborate with niche micro-influencers, celebrities, top bloggers, video bloggers and top social influencers across all segregated segments.




3+ million influencers and growing
Separated micro and macro influencers
An overall of 400 million posts per day
Billions of combined social followers
Billions of combined total reach





We work withCoffee and Talk?

Our segments include leading international companies, influencers and brands in the fields of: Music, Fashion, Food, Beauty, Lifestyle, Automotive, Technology, Neuroscience and Parenting. In addition niche fields of interests and passions. Our network consists of exclusive incrowd influencers combined with an international open outcrowd network.

In the open outcrowd network influencers are free to work with whoever they want to. By using this combination we create the best possible matches for brand and advertisers. Social media has become a grown-up full service industry with an ever changing need. Both brands and influencers need a point of tranquility that helps to maximize output.

With our over 30 years of experience in the fields of neuroscience, communication, campaign management in the music, entertainment and commercial markets we are the right partner to help you gain your preferred results.


Meet the Founders

Together we have over 100 years of experience in neuroscience, brand building, marketing, campaign management, sales, conceptual development, advertising and entertainment. We prefer to work with a wide array of free-lancers and experts, yet we are a one stop shop company.
Eddie Tjon Fo

Eddie Tjon Fo

Chief having fun

Owner and investor in over 100 companies. Author of Amazon #1 bestselling neuroscientific book "Why of Everything"

Jennifer Resida

Jennifer Resida

Chief Digital Marketing

Experienced marketer with +20 years of experience, driven by results with strong digital DNA. Campaign buildng addict.


Sepideh Shadkam

Chief DJ's/artists/fashion

Former importer of Iron First shoes. Mediator and accelerator between artists, producers and fashion. Fashion and music savvy.

Our new Colleague

Our new Colleague

Client service

To serve our clients well, we like to talk to you. Are you interested to work in a social media driven team? Contact us.


Follow our journey while we conquer and service the world of influencers like: DJ's, Fashionista's, Vloggers, Bloggers, Journalists, Artists, Producers, Designers, Creative People, Agency's, Brands, Companies and Corporates

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